monstera leaf cut outs for blog post about julie Godsey's monstera jewelry

Making Monstera Jewelry!

I wanted to share a little behind the scenes as well as highlight my... obnoxious need for detailed accuracy for everything I make 😂. 
First I took a photo of one of the beautiful leaves of my Monstera Deliciosa plant with a sheet of white paper behind it to better isolate the details. 

Monstera Plant


Then I edited the photo by using the background remover in Canva and made the image black and white. When you're sawing out designs the higher the contrast the easier on your eyes! 

Monstera Leaf Outline
I repeated the image on a Canva page to fit as many in as possible before printing and then I printed it on label paper so it sticks to the metal! 


Repeating an image on Canva

Monstera Leaf Print Out For Monstera Leaf Jewelry Julie Godsey The Folk

So fun right?! 

Monstera Leaves in Silver and Brass by Julie Godsey

Montera Leaf Earring Process Shot by Julie Godsey of the Folk

All for the love of plants and accuracy and accurately wearing those plants as jewelry 🤓.

Monstera Leaf Ring in Sterling Silver by the Folk


Let me know what you think?!
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Thanks for sharing the process. It is really clever and the product is so lovely.


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