About the brand!

Julie Godsey Jewelry: Creating Stories, Yours & Mine

Hey there, it's Julie! Welcome to my vibrant corner of Austin, Texas, where each creation isn't just about my journey, but also about the stories we’ll create together.

Our Shared Connection: When you wear a piece of my jewelry, it's more than just an accessory. It's a narrative, a sentiment, an emotion. As much as every item is a reflection of my passion, it's also a canvas for your memories, dreams, and adventures.

My Crafting Evolution: Over a decade ago, my love affair with wirework began. The years added layers of soldering, shaping sheet metal, and stone setting. By 2023, the intricate arts of wax carving and lost wax casting gracefully joined the dance.

The Heart Behind the Craft: Every curve, every shimmer mirrors a fragment of my world. Yet, it's a joyous honor to see over 19,000 individuals add their own essence, making each piece uniquely theirs.

Widening the Horizon: Whether it's online or in indie boutiques nationwide, I've always envisioned my pieces as bridges - connecting me to you, and you to moments of beauty and meaning.

Our Philosophy: To me, jewelry crafts tales and preserves moments. It's about intertwining worlds, about sharing, about celebrating both our individualities and our shared experiences. Together, let's craft stories that resonate, reflect, and shine.

Curious about the hands and heart behind each piece? Or how our worlds can beautifully align? Dive into More About Me HERE! ✨