Shipping & Policies


Hey there, Jewelry Enthusiast! 

Thanks a ton for choosing Julie Godsey Jewelry! Each piece is a lil' handcrafted love letter from me, Julie. Yep, that's right! It's a one-woman show over here. 

Timeline Magic: I sprinkle my craft magic and get your piece ready within a week. Sometimes a tad more or less, depending on the love notes (orders) I'm juggling.

Need it YESTERDAY? If there's a special date you're aiming for, shoot me an email at before or right after ordering. Want a sure shot? Opt for expedited shipping at checkout!

Returns & Exchanges: Given the sprinkle of custom love in every piece, returns aren't on the table. But hey, exchanges? Let's chat if there's a hiccup.

Ring Sizing: Let's nail the fit! Unsure about your ring size? Holler after ordering, and I'll speed-ship a ring sizer. Once sorted, hit me up with your size. It's the golden path to dodge extra resizing costs.

Oopsie Moments: If it breaks, give a shout! My crafty hands are here for those repair moments.

Gifting Corner: Sending a surprise gift? Leave a note during checkout. I'll add that personal touch with your message and sprinkle some packaging magic!



Where's the Craft Magic Happening? From my cozy home studio in sunny Austin, TX.

Any State, Country, Lake, or Island? Really? You bet! Crafting them's my jam. If you've got a twisty request like specific lakes or islands, ping me a pic at Let's chalk out the deets!