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Meet Julie!

Meet Julie Godsey: The Artist Behind the Jewelry

Hello there, fellow jewelry lover! 

I'm Julie, the heart, hands, and soul behind every shimmer and detail you see here. From designing to crafting, packaging to answering your sweet notes, it's a one-woman show and I absolutely cherish it.

My Studio Sanctuary: Nestled in the vibrant hills of Austin, TX, my home studio is where all the magic unfolds. Sharing this space are my husband, Matt (a beloved 5th grade teacher), and our trio of fur babies who've mastered the art of being royally pampered.

My Journey with Jewels: It's been a whirlwind romance since 2009, starting with clay and wire experiments. By 2011 my custom wire state necklaces really took off, starting the trend that's still going strong. While there are so many cheap mass produced options out there, my pieces are still made by hand, one little bend at a time. I think this makes it super special for each customer to have their own little piece of original jewelry made by my two hands. Fast forward to 2019, and metalsmithing swept me off my feet. By 2023, I dove deep into the world of wax carving and lost wax casting - every moment a delightful discovery. And trust me, the journey's just begun!

Muses & Motivations: From the rhythm of nature to the mystique of all things ancient and vintage, my inspirations are as varied as they are vivid. Plants, especially, tug at my heartstrings. On the sidelines, you'll often find me sipping an iced espresso, honing my metalsmithing skills, lifting weights, indulging in podcasts, or enjoying a cozy TV binge-session with Matt. Ah, the perks of summertime with a teacher!

Etsy & Me: I opened my Etsy shop in 2009, and it's been a journey marked with over 19,000 sales. A peek into my Etsy shop reveals not just my evolving artistry but also thousands of heartwarming reviews from beautiful souls like you.

Discover More: Curious about the tales and trails behind the brand? Dive in HERE.

Got Questions? Dream Designs? Reach out! I'm here to weave your visions into wearable wonders. ✨ julie@juliegodseyjewelry.com