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Circle Disc Necklace

Circle Disc Necklace

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“Golden Dewdrop Necklace”

Chain length: 15” (let me know if you need a different length at checkout!)

Disc size: 1cm

Elegance in Simplicity:

Discover the understated charm of the “Golden Dewdrop Necklace.” This piece captures the delicate beauty of nature’s own morning display, handcrafted with gold-filled or sterling silver.

Artisanal Grace:Like dewdrops catching the first light of dawn, three hand-formed discs dangle gently, creating a gradient of light and texture. They are a celebration of nature’s simple joys, each circle reflecting life’s precious moments.

Fluid Versatility:

The trio of discs are suspended on a slender gold-filled or sterling silver chain, designed to lie gracefully against your skin. It’s an accessory that’s adaptable to every occasion, destined to become an essential in your everyday wardrobe.

A Touch of Nature’s Wonder:

Just as morning dew heralds a new day, the “Golden Dewdrop Necklace” is a symbol of fresh beginnings and the beauty found in life’s quiet moments.

Allow this necklace to grace your neck, and carry with you the essence of morning’s first light wherever you go—a true testament to the artistry found in the natural world.

15” chain.

Shipping & Returns

Every piece from my studio is lovingly handcrafted upon order. While I typically send your treasures on their way within a week, seasonal demand can sometimes adjust this rhythm. Please peek at the banner atop the screen for any real-time shipping updates or special deadlines.

Understanding the bespoke essence of each creation, returns are a tad tricky. But, fret not: exchanges can be discussed, always valuing your satisfaction. Your journey with my art matters deeply to me.

For any inquiries or heart-to-heart chats about your order, drop me a line at Always here, always listening.

Care Instructions

Sterling Silver: This luminous metal can naturally tarnish over time, especially when exposed to moisture or cosmetics. Gently polish with a soft cloth to restore its shimmer. Avoid prolonged contact with water and always let your skin dry after sweating before adorning.

14k or 18k Gold: A timeless classic that holds its brilliance. Keep it away from harsh chemicals like chlorine. Gently clean using warm water, a soft brush, and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft cloth.

14k Gold Filled: Almost as steadfast as solid gold, but it loves a little care. Cleanse with warm water and a pinch of mild soap, rinse and dry thoroughly. Avoid abrasive materials that could scratch its surface.

Brass: This golden-hued beauty can develop a patina over time, adding character. To shine it up, use a gentle brass cleaner and softly polish. Remember, water is its frenemy—so always dry it promptly after cleaning.

May each piece continue to tell its story, brilliantly, alongside you. 🌿

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★ "It is beautiful and perfect." -RaNae on October 13, 2023

★ "I get compliments daily on how beautiful the necklace (Minnesota) is." -Megan on October 9, 2023

★ "I'm obsessed!! It is so cute and dainty and PERFECT! And Julie was more than willing to accommodate my request for a gold band to match the gold state. Also, I am currently pregnant and approaching the end of my first trimester. I ordered a half size bigger to accommodate for any swelling my body does over the next several months. Once I'm not pregnant and swollen, I'll be resizing it to my normal size." -Amanda Quinn on October 5th, 2023

★ "I bought this item many years ago & bought it again for my sister's birthday, when I tell you she helped me soooo much throughout it all, she was AMAZING! Quality items, fast shipping, & most amazing customer service. Definitely recommend!" -Valeska Mena on August 28, 2023

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★ "Beautiful ring, very happy!"-Sheryl on September 1, 2023

★ "Epic item <3. I wanted some nice studs I could be proud of that didn't hang off my earlobe. They were just the right size on my ears for that." -Ethan Burd on January 25, 2023

★★★★★ "Julie is absolutely TOP NOTCH in every way…and so are the products she creates!!!" - Danielle Hinson-Moore on June 17, 2023
"I am moving out of the country in 2 months and was looking for the perfect state necklace to remind me of home to always wear after I move. This necklace brought tears to my eyes when I opened it! It is so beautifully crafted and you can tell the quality of the jewelry is amazing! The packaging was beautiful and the note from Julie was kind and personable. The shipping was so quick too! This small business has brought such a sentimental and meaningful piece of jewelry into my life. I cannot say enough great things! Thank you, Julie! ❤️" - cspeedy42 on May 20, 2023 

"LOVE my ring! Wear it everyday ❤️ Fast shipping, highly recommend this shop!" - lebon2 on Apr 22, 2023

"This ring is so pretty and well made. Very unique. I would certainly recommend purchasing from this store. Thank you!" - Joy on Apr 4, 2023

"So cute, and looks beautiful on any finger! Most sturdy on my middle finger. I got it in sterling with the Herkimer diamond." - Alyssa on Mar 24, 2023 

★ "I ordered the small MN necklace. I love it! The shipping was fast. The necklace is even more beautiful in person. It’s the perfect size. It’s unique- there are a lot of state necklaces available, but this one is different than I’ve seen before and one of the reasons it caught my eye. I’m very happy with my purchase. Thanks!" -Katherine Larson on November 21, 2022

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Hey there, Jewelry Enthusiast! 

Thanks a ton for choosing Julie Godsey Jewelry! Each piece is a lil' handcrafted love letter from me, Julie. Yep, that's right! It's a one-woman show over here. 

Timeline Magic: I sprinkle my craft magic and get your piece ready within a week. Sometimes a tad more or less, depending on the love notes (orders) I'm juggling.

Need it YESTERDAY? If there's a special date you're aiming for, shoot me an email at before or right after ordering. Want a sure shot? Opt for expedited shipping at checkout!

Returns & Exchanges: Given the sprinkle of custom love in every piece, returns aren't on the table. But hey, exchanges? Let's chat if there's a hiccup.

Ring Sizing: Let's nail the fit! Unsure about your ring size? Holler after ordering, and I'll speed-ship a ring sizer. Once sorted, hit me up with your size. It's the golden path to dodge extra resizing costs.

Oopsie Moments: If it breaks, give a shout! My crafty hands are here for those repair moments.

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Meet Julie!

Meet Julie Godsey: The Artist Behind the Jewelry

Hello there, fellow jewelry lover! 

I'm Julie, the heart, hands, and soul behind every shimmer and detail you see here. From designing to crafting, packaging to answering your sweet notes, it's a one-woman show and I absolutely cherish it.

My Studio Sanctuary: Nestled in the vibrant hills of Austin, TX, my home studio is where all the magic unfolds. Sharing this space are my husband, Matt (a beloved 5th grade teacher), and our trio of fur babies who've mastered the art of being royally pampered.

My Journey with Jewels: It's been a whirlwind romance since 2009, starting with clay and wire experiments. By 2011 my custom wire state necklaces really took off, starting the trend that's still going strong. While there are so many cheap mass produced options out there, my pieces are still made by hand, one little bend at a time. I think this makes it super special for each customer to have their own little piece of original jewelry made by my two hands. Fast forward to 2019, and metalsmithing swept me off my feet. By 2023, I dove deep into the world of wax carving and lost wax casting - every moment a delightful discovery. And trust me, the journey's just begun!

Muses & Motivations: From the rhythm of nature to the mystique of all things ancient and vintage, my inspirations are as varied as they are vivid. Plants, especially, tug at my heartstrings. On the sidelines, you'll often find me sipping an iced espresso, honing my metalsmithing skills, lifting weights, indulging in podcasts, or enjoying a cozy TV binge-session with Matt. Ah, the perks of summertime with a teacher!

Etsy & Me: I opened my Etsy shop in 2009, and it's been a journey marked with over 19,000 sales. A peek into my Etsy shop reveals not just my evolving artistry but also thousands of heartwarming reviews from beautiful souls like you.

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